How Can I Find and Connect with Someone in Canada?

With the holidays just 17 short days away, its hard to believe that we’ve let it sneak up on us again. Every year we always plan to be perfectly prepared, but the hectic season always leaves us with at least a large handful (if not multiple handfulls) of tasks we could just not get done. and of course, you and I are not alone. Have you ever been to the shopping district the day before Christmas? Its a zoo and you can spot husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and parents looking for the one gift they forgot to buy. Some forgetfulness around the holidays is normal, expected, and perhaps even excusable.

For me, its always baking and cooking. I always say every year that I’m going to devote more time to baking, but by December 23rd I remember that I haven’t turned on my oven all year, let alone at any point during this month.

However, there are types of last-minute holiday mistakes that can really get you into trouble. Vying for the number one on that list is most definitely forgetting to invite a co-worker, family member, or friend to your holiday dinner, party, or get together. If you realize too late that your guestlist is missing an important addition, you could seriously injure someone’s holiday spirit and thoroughly embarrass yourself in the process.


So what to do? An easy way to fix this blunder is right at your fingertips. Using our 411 Directory Assistance People Directory, you can find the latest up to date contact information for all the people in your life. Sort by province, city, borough, or even search their name directly and we will help you find all the necessary information to update your guest list. What if you need to add someone to your holiday mailing list? Our system can do that for you too; all of our listings include updated addresses so you can stay in the know. It will save you the awkward phone call in which you try to sneakily extract their address while still hoping to surprise them with a Christmas Card. We’ve all been there, and its not fun, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. With our People Directory, we take one more holiday task off your list.


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