What Exactly is 411 Anyways?

Its something that we are in close contact with everyday, whether representing a business or searching for ourselves. 411 has conceptually existed since the telephone became the most viable way to contact someone. That means that you’re looking at roughly 85 years of history and development.  As long as there have been people to call and businesses to find, the idea of 411 Directory Assistance has been present. Think of it as one of the earliest forms of digital marketing: you list your business, and the helpful connector on the other end of the line guides consumers to your contact information. You get more customers, and the customers get to meet your business and services. If you’re a person looking for a person, it makes it easier to transmit important information (or just spread some gossip). It really is a win-win for all parties involved. Due to busy lifestyles and the wide geographical spread of businesses and consumers, it has always been vital to both parties to have a quick and easy way to keep in contact.

To keep any service current and in tune with modern technological developments, it is important to stay in touch with the needs of both the business and the consumer. In the information age, the use of computers and smart phones makes it easier to find current business information if you know where to look. Our Business and Person Directory is the answer to all of your connectivity needs! We store the latest information from businesses across the nation. Unlike traditional mobile directories, we allow our customers to search by business category and type. Therefore, if you’re in need of a roofer, a cafe, a children’s toy store, a wine bar, or any other type of business, no matter how specific, we have specific categories that will allow you to search and compare local businesses in your area that fit the bill. And best of all, its free for consumers to use, unlike mobile directories that can often charge over a dollar per minute and only provide you with a single listing. With our updated directory, you can find multiple businesses in multiple cities at no cost to you. Businesses know you’re looking, so they keep their listings up to date through our customer support service.

Did you know that The Canadian Numbering Administrator has several N11 services available for you? Everyone knows about 911 Emergency Services, but many Canadians are unaware of 711 Message Relay Services, 211 Public Relations and Referral Services, 511 Weather and Traveling Services, and 811 Non-Emergency Health Triage Services. All of these N11 numbers are there to make your hunt for local care, information, and services easier.

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